Divyang Patel

Software Engineer by profession and internet hobbyist. C/C++ guru at core. Interests in software and web development technologies along with slick and sexy interfaces in design (Hardware and Web). Avid reader and occasional photographer. Catch him up @divyang_patel

Gaurang Patel

Speaking less and doing more is virtue. Another software engineer and web enthusiast. Sees internet as ocean of possibilities and trying to find some pearls of knowledge out of it, hoping no shark encounter!! Fun to talk. Get into conversation with him @gaurangjp

Yogesh Mankani

Yogesh is an advertising Professional and running his own advertising agency in Jaipur. Aside from his work, his other passion is blogging/writing. You can find him on Twitter & can connect with him on Facebook.

Kartik Bohra

Kartik is a full time blogger. He loves writing about WordPress, SEO and other Blogging stuff.  You can follow him on Twitter or Facebook

Ashley King

Freelance writer and video gamer at heart. The world of technology is a fast moving place and Ashley loves keeping up when she’s not playing the latest new releases for PC and Xbox 360. Also dabbles in podcasting by hosting the current indie games podcast, 2 Girls 1 Game.


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