Create Polaroid Effect Online and Turn Your Photos Vintage

Rollip vintage photo filterCurrently, taking photos and turning them into vintage picture art is extremely popular among social media users. To achieve the look of old-fashioned vintage photos, photos are manipulated by applying various special effects to the picture. Slightly blurry and distorted, the high-contrast over-saturated images are typical results of the Polaroid effect. The Polaroid name has come to represent the instant photos taken with instant cameras which were most popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

Rollip is an easy online tool that takes your current photos and creates Polaroid shots and uses other vintage special effects you can use to create beautiful photos to share with your friends. Rollip has four different features available that you can use to enhance your photos. You can use one or more of them to create a unique photo to share!

Filters include special filters with names like Vintage Yellow, Sunset, Sepia and Vintage Express. Choose one of these filters to add an overall effect. The Effects tab includes special effects that you can add with or alone. Glitter, Glow, Hearts and Lightening are among the many Effects available, which are based on the old Polaroid photos. The Borders tab choices include borders with names like Vintage, Square Black, Square White and Bent. The border is what gives your picture a Polaroid look to it. Lastly, there are several different fonts you can choose when titling your picture. Name your picture, choose the font type and the color of the text and you are all set to share! It’s so easy to use Rollip, why not get started now?

1. Click on the Choose Photo button. You will be directed to your computer’s hard drive. Find the picture that you would like to use, and double click on it.

2. Double clicking on the photo will start the photo uploading process. The program will upload your photo to the Rollip website and display it to you in the middle of the page.

3. From this point, you can start to enhance your photograph by clicking on the various filters and effects, located in the tabs below the photo. Once the picture is how you want it to look, you can choose a border from the multiple choices available, and add text.

4. Adding text to the photo is easy. The text box is located on the fourth tab. Type a few words into the text box and choose a font style from the choices listed. A font color chooser is located on the right side of the tab.

5. Once all steps are complete and you have your photo is finished, Rollip lets you either download the photo to your hard drive or share the photo via Facebook or Twitter.

Rollip allows you to easily enhance your pictures with Polaroid and vintage looks and share them.

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