How To Open ePub Files On Windows

ePub file iconHave you ever tried to open an ePub on your regular computer and experienced an error message. Because these are files made for e-readers or tablets like the iPad, they can’t be opened without special software. But there are special software programs or browser add-ons you can install which can help you open these ebooks. 

EPUBReader is an add-on you can install to your Firefox browser and use to read ePubs. Installing this add-on is fairly simple. All you have to do is click on the “Tools” tab in the Firefox browser, select the “Add-on” option and search for EPUBReader. Click the “Install” button.

Once installed you should try to simply open the epub file by clicking twice on it. The file should open in the fire fox window. You will see a two pane window, with the left pane holding the index, allowing you to see the different chapters available and the right pane containing the books text.
As always Windows offers more than one way to open any file, and the same is true for an ePub file. You can also open a stored epub file by opening Firefox, clicking on “File” and “Open” then selecting the file you want.

EPUBReader Screenshot

ePub files are ebooks so they reside on the web. Some are free and other come at a price. You can download them form epub websites like Feedbooks and Gutenberg. In these cases you just need to download the book and open it in the Firefox browser.

Besides, opening epub files, EPUBReader offers the dual pane window which allows you to easily find your place again when reading the book. This is because you can simply click on the page or chapter you want to return to.

With EPUBReader you can access books from iTunes and GooglePlay, without needing to purchase either an iPhone or an Android device. Added advantages lie in your ability to read on a normal computer screen, a feature that is much appreciated by readers over the age of 40.

EPUBReader for Firefox

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