All-in-One Windows Troubleshooting Tool For Admins and IT Pros

Windows toolsThere are many things that can go wrong when running a Windows PC. Helge’s Switchblade is a tool which allows administrators and IT professionals to troubleshoot computers and access important information. The program contains a variety of useful system tools which allow administrators to review the current state of a computer’s hardware and software as well as view error logs which may be able to directly indicate the issue at hand. In addition, the program provides basic system information and includes access to important security tools, gives the system administrator access to some very functional system tools which go well beyond the basic function of those offered by the Windows operating system. Networking tools are also provided which allow the administrator to tackle network technology issues which can cause an inability to access the Internet. A series of useful links to tutorials, documentation and drivers is also included in the program, as is an open tech support chat. The program is completely free and can be stored and run on a USB drive, making the program extremely portable and handy for administrators and IT professionals who may need to run diagnostic tests or do troubleshooting on a variety of machines. 

There are total 43 tools in this swiss-armyknife to tackle any problem head on.

Helge’s Switchblade comes with the capacity to install two important security programs to any computer with only one click- Microsoft Security Essentials, a free security suite provided by Microsoft to all validated Windows computers which protects against viruses, spyware and malware, and TrueCrypt, a program which allows a user to encrypt segments of a hard drive, certain files or information or even create a virtual encrypted disc which can be mounted just like a real disk. Encryption is the process of making the contents of a file unidentifiable by adding content which makes it impossible to read unless the file is decrypted. This provides additional safety and privacy for files, discs and hard drive partitions.

The program comes with a useful series of system tools that allow an administrator or IT professional to conduct basic tasks which can aid in improving the function of a computer. Revo Installer is a basic program which allows the administrator to see programs which are installed on the computer and uninstall them with one click. The Clean Junk Files utility runs Disk Cleaner, a program which removes unnecessary files and data in order to free up hard drive space and remove clutter from the file system. WinCDEmu is a utility which installs a driver that makes it possible to create virtual drives. Process Hacker allows the administrator to see a more detailed version of the Windows task manager in order to detect programs that may be running in the background that are malicious or are simply hogging system resources. Driver Restore and Driver Backup help an administrator to rectify issues with the drivers that make programs work.

Media Player Classic launches the early version of the Windows Media Player, one much preferred by many users. Resource Hacker allows the user to view the internal contents of an EXE or DLL file and edit them. AppCrashView lets an administrator review a log of application crashes in order to track patterns and fix issues that may be causing unexpected crashing. Error Lookup allows an administrator to search a Windows error code in order to determine what it means. RegShot creates a plain text or HTML log of the current Windows registry. UltraDefrag is an advanced version of the Windows disk defragmenting tool. Notepad++ is a more complex version of Windows Notepad which is great for programmers as it is conducive to writing code.

SUMo is a utility which makes it easy for an administrator to simultaneously track and install system updates for all installed programs. PeaZip is a file compression utility which allows users to compress and decompress files as well as password protect compressed files. The K-Lite Codec Pack installs the codecs necessary to run Kazaa Lite, a file sharing program. The LastActivityView tool allows an administrator to see a log of all recent actions performed on the computer.

Network tools include the ability to renew and release the IP as well as flushing the DNS and performing all IP related actions. The Web Browser utility opens QTWeb, a portable web browser. The FileZilla FTP client allows the user to connect to a server in order to upload or download files. WinMTR is a network diagnostic utility which allows users to cross-validate the IPs of websites. PuTTY allows an administrator to connect to other systems or terminals. HyperTrace is a trace-route utility, it shows you the route of which your data packets are sent through the internet..

Helge’s Switchblade is a very useful collection of utilities which is excellent for administrators, IT professionals and home users who are well versed in network and system administration and want a professional grade tool with which to troubleshoot and maintain their network and systems. The included files and utilities are ideal for newer Windows PCs, and the fact that the utility is free makes it easily one of the best values available.

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  1. Thanks for doing an article on my utility.

    Just want to clear one thing up, HyperTrace is a Traceroute utility, it shows you the route of which your data packets are sent through the internet.

    Thanks :)

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    Thanks Helge. I’ve updated the article with your correction about HyperTrace. Switchblade is truly an amazing tool :)

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