Electronically Sign Documents Right Inside Gmail

hellosign logoHave you ever had to sign a document that then had to be emailed to someone? There really are a lot of really tedious steps involved in this process. First, you have to print the document out, sign it with pen, scan it into the computer, potentially have to resize the document, and then send it to your client, coworker, or whoever else needed the signature. It’s surprising that something so outdated and time consuming could have gone on for so long without a solution, especially in this era of feature rich web apps and mobile apps. 

HelloSign is a great free program for people who need to sign documents and mail them. You can sign documents without even having to leave Gmail! This eliminates the need for a printer, and the need for a scanner. No extra downloads, no time-consuming step by step processes… just sign, and in less than 30 seconds, your document is ready to mail. You can sign a completely unlimited number of documents with HelloSign. Another added feature is that all signed documents are backed-up and legally binding, so there’s no need to worry about that.

To use HelloSign, you simply download it to your Gmail account from the Chrome Web Store. Then, in no time at all, you can open the contract that needs to be signed, sign it with the app, and then attach it and send it right back in no time at all. Not only can you sign documents for others, you can request signatures with this application, making it a great resource for superiors and employees alike.

There’s also a totally free HelloScan app for iPhone and iPad. Just import the document, sign it with your finger (creates a realistic, ink-like signature), and send. You can even just take a picture of the document with your camera and sign it that way!

This app, on both Gmail and iPhone or iPad, is a cinch to use. You don’t need to worry about printing and scanning documents anymore – get with the times, and start using HelloSign, a completely free alternative to all of that unnecessary, tedious work.


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