Instantly Capture Ideas In A Sketch [iPhone/iPad]

Ink App for iPhoneHow many times have you been somewhere and needed to jot something down but couldn’t find a pen or paper? It could have been the invention of the century, but you were too shy to ask the waitress for her pencil! How often have you tried to explain something to someone verbally, when a simple sketch would have done the trick? 

Ink for iPhone is a simple but brilliant solution to these problems. Ink is also available for iPad. As with most quality software, Ink for iPhone doesn’t try to do too much. It has a very specific purpose, and it serves that purpose flawlessly and elegantly. There is not a single iPhone or iPad user who wouldn’t benefit from using this app. It’s like having a pad of high-quality drawing paper and a pleasant-feeling pen at your disposal wherever you go. From a million-dollar invention to a funny doodle you feel like drawing, Ink for iPhone is at the ready.

Not only does it allow you to sketch your ideas in lifelike fashion, once the sketch is done you can share your ideas via email or twitter with a simple double-tap. You can also save your sketch to your camera roll for later use, print, copy, or paste it to suit your needs. The amazing thing about Ink for iPhone is its simplicity. It greets you with a simple white screen, eagerly awaiting your ideas that used to be relegated to the back of a greasy napkin. Artists, business people, students, the vocation makes no difference. This app is a must-have for everyone who owns an iPhone/iPad.

Once you try this app you will wonder how you ever got by without it. MinimalTools is the company behind Ink and its motto of “as few features as needed to perform the primary purpose” really comes through in this app, and is what makes it so incredible.

Ink for iPhone/iPad

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