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OCR photo to textOptical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a type of software that is used to recognize characters, such as letters and numbers, from an image file. For example, OCR software could use a JPEG image of a scanned document, and recognize the words that are in the file. This can be very useful when a document needs to be in a format the can be edited, but you only have access to an image file or a hard copy of the document that you can scan. It can also help you avoid having to retype a document if you need to email it, or access it from a computer. OCR software can often be used in conjunction with a number of file formats, such as JPEG, PNG etc. OCR technology is used in a number of applications regularly, including in the postal service to sort mail. It can also be used for blind people in conjunction with software that reads text. It is apparent that OCR technology is very useful in a number of different applications. 

A very good example of Optical Character Recognition software is a software called FreeOCRtoWord, by TechCandy Software. FreeOCRtoWord works with all popular file types including JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and more. Image quality is also very important with OCR technology, as a poor quality image is much harder to be recognized by OCR technology.However, with good image quality, FreeOCRtoWord boasts 98% accuracy. Images can be converted to MS Word files or TXT files.

Using FreeOCRtoWord is a rather simple process and should not be too difficult for the average computer user. Here are instructions for using FreeOCRtoWord:

  • Before scannign the image, adjust the scanning parameters such as file type, color format, DPI, brightness, contrast, etc. This will ensure that you get a good quality image.
  • Then, simply press Scan!
  • After that, you can rotate the image and adjust the zoom of the image in order to get best results.
  • Then you need to press on OCR in order for the software to scan the image and recognize the characters in the image.
  • You can then Export Text to Microsoft Word or Save Text in order to save the text to an MS Word or TXT file.

There are also a couple of other features in FreeOCRtoWord that you can use. These features include:

  • Clear Text Window: Removes the text from any previous documents that you have scanned using FreeOCRtoWord.
  • Remove Line Breaks: Allows for easier editing by removing the spaces in the document.
  • Copy Text to Clipboard: Allows you to paste the text in the document to other programs or even to online applications that you may be using. This can be used as a substitute for exporting the document to MS Word or TXT.

How OCR works

When scanning a document for FreeOCRtoWord, it is extremely important to take into consideration that quality of the image. There are a number of tools that can help in getting the best quality in image during the scanning process. You can change the Color Format, meaning you can select from options such as Black and White. You can also change the Resolution of the image file that you want to save. Images with a higher resolution take up more memory on your computer, however they may be easier for OCR technology to read. You can also change the Brightness and Contrast of the image to be scanned, which can also help in getting a great quality image. Standard options for these should be fine for the average user, however in some cases these options may need to be changed.

FreeOCRtoWord is by far the best OCR software on the market. It offers an easy to use interface, and a lot of great features. Other OCR software might place a watermark on images, or require you to register. FreeOCRtoWord does none of this. And it is all offered at a great price – Free!


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