3 Online Table Tennis Games with a Twist (Office Timepass)

Table_Tennis_Game_OnlineTable tennis is considered as a good time pass during the lunch break at the office. But what if you have an option to play Table Tennis online on your work station; definitely Table Tennis lover will find it irresistible. Out of few options available to me, I have handpicked the three best table tennis games for you. I apologize as the second game in the list contains in-built music and you can’t really stop it. Please mute the computer if it is really bugging you.

1) 3D Table Tennis
This is plain yet very interesting game. Choose the difficulty level at the beginning and start playing.

id=”fm_3D_ping_pong_210350236″ class=”flashmovie” width=”630″ height=”500″>
data=”http://www.goospoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/3D_ping_pong.swf” name=”fm_3D_ping_pong_210350236″ width=”630″ height=”500″>

2) Table Tennis with Timer Bomb
Here is the Ping Pong with some twist. You will be playing with a timer bomb, not ball. So in case when you miss to hit the ball or times up, bomb blasts and you loose the point. Game play is quite interesting here too.

id=”fm_3D_table_tennis_with_timer_bomb_384624421″ class=”flashmovie” width=”630″ height=”500″>
data=”http://www.goospoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/3D_table_tennis_with_timer_bomb.swf” name=”fm_3D_table_tennis_with_timer_bomb_384624421″ width=”630″ height=”500″>

3) The Bonus Game
Although this game doesn’t qualify as a Table Tennis but somewhat it looks like that and more importantly, it is interesting. You can shoot the ball in curve if you rapidly move the mouse while hitting the ball. Give it a try, you will figure it out.

id=”fm_ping_pong_type_PONG_1713969425″ class=”flashmovie” width=”630″ height=”500″>
data=”http://www.goospoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/ping_pong_type_PONG.swf” name=”fm_ping_pong_type_PONG_1713969425″ width=”630″ height=”500″>

Let me know in comment if you really enjoyed playing these games!

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