40 Insanely Beautiful 3D Printed Objects You Must Watch

The previous article about brief look at 3D printing technology was not sufficient to accommodate all those amazing 3D printed stuff. It pushed me to write this article that demonstrates the power of 3D rapid prototyping in various sectors like medical, defense, fashion, auto mobile, robotics etc. This article contains roughly 40 3D printed objects that will blow your mind.


3D printing is touching many lives in many (but not limited to) sectors mentioned below,

  1. Auto Mobile
  2. Robotics
  3. Jewellery
  4. Architecture
  5. Defense
  6. Fashion
  7. Medical
  8. Home Decoration
  9. Others

1.1 Could you recollect the scene from the recent James Bond flick-Sky Fall, where number of bullets were piercing through the classic and priceless Aston Martin DB5? What is your guess, was it original Aston Martin DB5? The answer is, hell no! It was 3D printed replica. That replica was produced by Germany based Voxeljet.

James Bond Skyfall 3D Printed Aston Martin

1.2 The outer shell of this beautiful two-seater car is 3D printed. Its makers hope to initiate commercial production by 2014. More at urbee.net.

3D Printed Urbee

1.3 Amazing stuff out there at 3D Printshow held in London in October 2012. More at 3DPrintsHow.com.

3d Printed Car

1.4 Below 3D printed auto parts clearly means 3D printing could affect masses if it becomes main stream.

  3d Printed Tyres

2.1 Here is the most incredible and detailed 3D printed model I have ever seen! The ‘octopod’ created by Sean Charlesworth using Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printer.

The ‘Octopod’ created by Sean Charlesworth using Objet 3D printer

2.2 Flapping-wing hovering insect using 3D printed wings and mechanical parts developed at Cornell Computational Synthesis Laboratory.

3D Printed Hovering Insect

2.3 Peter Walters and David McGoran, the two researchers at the University of West England, want robots to be as flexible as human. Consider this functional 3D printed Tentacle as a significant progress in ‘Soft Robotics’ field.

Functional 3d printed Tentacle


The summer 2011 jewellery Collection by Materialise.com had some amazing stuff like,
3.1 3D printed necklace

3D printed necklace

3.2 3D printed rings

3D printed rings


3.4 3D printed bangles

3D printed bangles

3.5 3D printed pendants

3D printed pendants

4.1 One of the most expensive commercial real estates, comprised of 20 iconic new buildings, is scheduled to finish its first phase in 2016 at Seoul . Modelzium, the architecture company behind this, developed all the building models using Objet 3D Eden Printer. More

The most expensive commercial real estate in Seoul

4.2 The another set of buildings which are yet to complete in Seoul.

3D Printed Architecture Model

4.3 Twelve students of Yale and their professor created mesmerizing ancient Rome model.

3D Printed Ancient Rome Model

5.1 3D Printed unmanned aero-plane working prototype designed by set of students at University of Virginia.

3D Printed Unmanned Aerial vehicle along with creators

5.2 Yes, this sh*t is 3D printed. There is a brief explanation about how to construct this 3d printed gun here.

3D Printed Rifle

5.3 At least half a dozen fellows at University of Southampton led by Andy Keane and Jim Scanla,test flew this aircraft successfully. This machine can fly for around 30 minutes at a speed of around 90 mph. It is believed that 3D printing will allow uncrewed aircraft known as drones or UAVs to go from the blue print to flight in a matter of days.

3D Printed Aircraft

5.4 Boom boom.. There you could see printed AR-15 rifle printed by Michael Guslick.

3D Printed Gun


It is not unusual in Paris to witness models on the ramp in 3D printed dress. Be it “Hybrid Holism” collection by Iris Van Herpen or “Escapism” by .MGX.

3D Printed Dress

6.2 The sky line of San Francisco is now 3D printed on the watch dial. This cool stuff was designed and developed by Paul Youngblood.

3D Printed Watch


3D Printed Shoes


3D Printed Bra


3D printed body parts are changing lives of plenty of people. Let’s see how,

7.1 Physically challenged people could walk again with customized artificial body parts. Thanks to the team at BeSpokeInnovations.com for such an innovative work.

3D Printed Body Part

7.2 Don’t amaze if your dentist deliver you artificial jaw in matter of minutes using 3D printing technology.

7.3 The congenital disorder Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital put two year old Emma in trouble as she was unable to move her arms. Thanks to the 3D printed arms which just made her life way better. There were other solutions that could have helped her, but most are made of metal including anchor vest. It would have been too heavy for her.


3D Printed Tables

3D Printed Lamps

9.1 Moddler.com- The custom 3D printing shop developed uniquely designed and futuristic weapons specially for Men In Black-3 movie. These prototypes were developed on Objet Eden500 3D printer.

3D Printed MIB Gun

9.2 Industrial engineer Scott Summit used 3D printing technology to make this electric guitar out of nylon powder.
3D Printed Guitar

9.3 3D printed bike

3D Printed Bike

 9.4 3D printed toys
3D Printed Toys

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