Collage 7 : The Free Collage Maker App for Windows Phone

Traditionally speaking, a photo collage is a group of pictures that are creatively arranged together to create a single photographic image. Collages tell a photographic story by threading a recurring theme throughout the collage. People create many different types of collages, from remembrances of special events like weddings, birthday parties and births to highlighting a special vacation or spotlighting a favorite hobby that translates well in pictures, like nature or action photographs. Digital photo manipulation applications open up many new display possibilities for amateur and professional photographers alike. 123 Software, the developers of the I Am Here and Conference Caller apps have created the Collage 7 app for Windows phones. By downloading and using this free application, it’s very easy to create collages right on your phone using saved pictures on your phone!

Collages are a creative way to link together groups of photos. In Collage 7, there are many different templates available that piece together two, three or more photos from your Windows phone. Some collage templates range from the pictures being highly organized on the page or if someone wanted a more casual collage look, one template shows the pictures being tossed randomly over the page, whatever you prefer! Let’s go through some app screen shots to have better idea,

Step.1 Browse through array of templates

Step.2 Select the template

Step.3 You can begin adding photos stored in your picture hub to the collage template. From this point, you can begin arranging the photos how you would like them in the collage. Once you have decided on the arrangement, you can choose to frame one or all pictures from the frames location in the program. You have complete creative control over your collage. You can resize the pictures by moving, pinching, rotating and zooming in on the photos inside the program. After completing these steps you have completed your new collage. All your saved collages are available in the Saved Pictures directory in your picture hub. You can choose to immediately post your collage online or post or email it later.

Features of Collage 7 include many creative design templates and unique photo frames you can choose from to begin creating your collage. Reviews include many 5-star ratings and some of the comments listed are “Great app,”; “For free, it’s great,”; “Awesome. Especially for wallpapers! Best to fit my Lumia 900! I have tried every collage and picture grid app! Easiest to use and best results by far”! This application requires data services, music and video libraries and a camera.

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