Social Gift Giving At A Smartphone Near You : Try Karma App

Karma App for social gift givingKarma is a revolutionary free new app for your iPhone and Android device that allows you to send gifts instantly via SMS, email or Facebook. Products and services can be gifted from person to person via mobile devices in real-time. How does Karma make gifting easier? It handles many of the major problems normally encountered when ordering products online. To begin with, you don’t need to remember or even know the recipient’s shipping address. All you need is their phone number, email or to be Facebook friends. The Karma app sends them a text informing them of their gift and asks them where they want the present shipped. 

Are You Old-Fashioned?

A huge drawback from sending a gift “the old-fashioned way” is that you need to know what kind of a present that the person would like to receive in the first place. If you are having trouble trying to decide on an idea, the Karma app recommends gifts based on the recipient’s demographic profile and interests, which it gathers from Facebook. This option should make the stress and worry of selecting a gift disappear. But wait, it just keeps on getting better!

If you want to send an article of clothing, you would normally have to know what size to order and what color that they would like. With the Karma app, those problems are a thing of the past. After the notification text is sent, the “giftee” enters their mailing address and chooses other personal preferences that are relevant to the gift that they’ll be receiving, whether it’s the size, style or color. So even if you pick the wrong size, it doesn’t matter. The recipient can choose whatever size that they want.

Ok, Then How Karma Makes It Easy!

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Karma app is that if you gift something that is not wanted, the recipient can pick something totally different. Say that you gift a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to someone who doesn’t want it for whatever reason. They can opt to select the fancy, red-hooded sweatshirt that they have always wanted instead. The option of donating the value of the gift to charity is also available. If there is any price difference between the exchanged gifts, it becomes his or her Karma credit and may be used later to gift someone else or simply be donated to charity.

Another great aspect to this wonderful app is that you’re not charged for the gift until after the recipient fills in their shipping address and selects any applicable options. So if your gift never gets accepted, you don’t have to pay anything. Not only that, but the Karma app is freely available to download from the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Not only can this app help to select appropriate gifts through Facebook, but it will also keep track of any important life moments from your friends that you may have missed. Friends’ birthdays, weddings and new babies can be seen in one convenient view.

In conclusion, the Karma app is like having your very own personal assistant who never forgets your friends’ or relatives’ birthdays. One who always suggests the perfect gift, goes to the store to buy it and takes it to the post office to ship it for you. Try it and you will see instantly that Karma’s gonna get you.

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