Cars in Sandbox : Beautiful iPad App For Kids

Cars in Sandbox iPad App for KidsAnimated learning games are great for young children over the age of two years. Cars in Sandbox: Construction is a fun and engaging educational game app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by digital publisher Thematica.  The construction game provides kids with an opportunity to learn valuable skills while engaging in fun play. The app consists of eight neat construction vehicles that feature operation and sounds that are very close to the real thing. And it also supports the beautiful Retina Display of “New iPad”. 

The vehicles included in the game are :

• Crawler-mounted excavator
• Dump truck
• Grader
• Hauling tractor
• Loader
• Rock handler
• Telescopic handler
• Truck crane

How to Play

The operation of the construction vehicles is simple and intuitive, so children can learn the basic functions quickly. The vehicles move via the device’s touch screen using the normal finger tap, drag and swipe actions. For example, to operate the crane arm, first you deploy the hydraulic jacks to stabilize the vehicle by taping them. Then you touch and drag the crane arm at the joint to the objects that you want to lift and move.

Touch to drive vehicle

Realistic details and animations

Learning through playing

The details featured in the construction vehicles are highly realistic down to items like engine compartment and cabin doors that open and close. In this way, kids can learn about the uses of the real life equipment along with obtaining some basic ideas of the mechanics behind them.

Each episode in the game book allows the user to complete a simple mission. The idea is to teach the child the purpose and use of each type of construction vehicle. For example, they will use the crane to grab and move large objects. The dump truck is useful for hauling large loads over long distances. The tractor pulls other wheeled vehicles, and so on.

Each time the child completes a mission they get a star as an award for their accomplishment. By earning stars after successfully completing a mission, children gain a sense of accomplishment and learn the value of a job well done.

Adults can start kids off by showing them how each vehicle works along with the different features included from doors to jacks and lifts. Children catch on to these visual instructions quickly and before you know it, they will be able to operate the vehicles on their own.

Onscreen Cues

Each vehicle comes with textual details on the functions available and how to operate them, i.e., “Tap to beep” for the horn or “tap to dump” for the dumping bed. You only need to touch the screen gently to move vehicles to either the left or right.

Onscreen images provide visual cues on how each construction vehicle works, for example, one image shows the dump truck dumping a teddy bear near a golf hole. Another embedded image shows the tractor hitching to a trailer while yet another shows the crane dumping items into a container.

The game takes place in a sandbox. Another important concept behind the game is teaching children how to help others by using the construction vehicles. The images, animations and sounds used in Cars in Sandbox are colorful, attractive and designed to engage and amuse young children.

Learning Games Stimulate Intellect

Among the reasons that learning games are effective in teaching children is that they are fun and engaging even for the youngest kids. At early age, kids tend to get bored quickly. If you cannot keep them amused or interested, they will move on to something else.

Game apps for children possess features designed to attract and hold the attention of young children while stimulating their creative and problem-solving processes.

The game app is available at the App Store for download on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The Version 1.3 download file is 58.6 MB and the app supports nine languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian and Spanish. The operating system must be iOS 4.2 or later. It will cost you $1.99, not a big price for such a entertaining yet thoughtfully crafted learning game for your kids.

Cars in sandbox: Construction has earned the top spot in Best Rank for Education at the App Store in Russia and Sweden, 2nd spot in Canada, 4th spot in Spain and the United States and the 5th spot in France. Ratings for the current version and for all versions of the game at the App Store are overwhelmingly favorable with customers appreciating the cute animations and excellent learning opportunities provided by the game.

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