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Wunderlist logo One of the hardest things to do for many people is staying on track with their goals. Sticky notes, reminders, and to-do lists are all designed to help with this, but one of the major flaws of this system is that it only works if it’s directly in front of you. Wunderlist takes the idea of the to-do list and makes it work no matter where you are by creating a platform for reminders that works on just about every device available. Wunderlist is claimed to be the best GTD (Getting Things Done) app out there by leading tech blogs and tech evangelists.  

Quick List of Features

- Easy to-do list and task management
– Available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile OSes
– Syncs across all services, no matter which platforms you use
– Create lists for tasks
– Organize tasks according to due date
– Share tasks with friends through sync
– Completely free

I wrote previously about a task manager few weeks ago called Conqu. The basic idea behind Conqu is that multiple people often work together on tasks collaboratively, so they should have a way to communicate when portions of a task are finished. The only downside to the service is that it came with a pretty hefty cost at $5 a month. Developers 6Wunderkinder from Berlin have recognized the need for a global task management solution that is accessible no matter where a person is, with tasks that can be shared among people.

For that reason, Wunderlist and its sync options are entirely free. You can add tasks that you want to perform on your desktop at home, and then see them while you’re out and about. For this reason, Wunderlist is probably the most comprehensive task manager available on the market. You can set up a grocery list and access it while you’re in the store, or you can set it up for a friend or family member and give them access to see while they’re out and about.

The unique UI design of the service makes it extremely easy to use and it’s one of the few non-web based services that actually supports all three major desktop operating systems, including Linux. The platform is also accessible via the web, should you not want to install it on your computer, which makes it great for Chromebook users as well. With Wunderlist available no matter your options, it is truly one of the most open to-do list platforms available.

Organizing tasks can be done with simple words, as well. You can create a task and set it to repeat using the phrase, “repeat weekly Thursday”. This means the task that you have created will repeat itself every Thursday. The email style view also helps you keep yourself organized, since you can create specific lists like labels for your tasks. For example, a Groceries list could be used to keep track of everything you need to buy at the store, with the ability to add to it at your leisure.

Overall, Wunderlist is an amazing product that is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows and Linux. Now you see why it’s wunderfull! For those who find it hard to stay on track without making multiple notes and lists for themselves, Wunderlist is a wonderful complement to every day scheduling.

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