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Viber free phone calls Viber might be the new app on the block, but it’s worth checking out for anyone who goes over their monthly voice or message usage. This can result in costly extra fees that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars over the typical 2-year cellular contract. Viber aims to help consumers to reduce these fees by providing a way to make free calls and send messages over 3G or wireless networks from your iPhone or Android mobile devices. More than 40 million users have already downloaded Viber.


Viber is compatible with the iPhone and dozens of Android phones using stock ROMs, including Droid Razr, LG Optimus and Samsung Galaxy S and S II. Users who have installed a custom mod don’t have to bet left out in the cold, either! Both CM7 and MIUI work with Viber. Although the company has not yet releases a version for BlackBerry, it’s in the works. There is also partial support for the most recent iPad and iPod Touch.

Viber doesn’t require the user to create usernames or provide additional phone number. The user’s existing number becomes their Viber ID.

Viber works over 3G (cellular) or WiFi network to provide high call quality. However, consumers who make many calls over 3G and do not have an unlimited plan must be careful to avoid overages.

This app integrates with the existing address book so no importing is necessary. Vibe will automatically tag contacts who already use this app to let the user know who she can text or call from the app.

Viber allows free calls over WiFi or the carrier’s network to international devices, too, as long as both users have the app installed. The app also includes a button that lets the user switch to the network carrier with ease.

Best of all, Viber doesn’t include any advertisements like so many free apps.

Installation and Use

Installing Viber is as easy as downloading it from the Android Market or iTunes App Store. After downloading the app, users must enter their phone number and activate the service with access code via SMS or call. This verifies that the phone number the user has signed up with is actually associated with the cell phone.

Launching the app give the user the option to access messages, calls and contacts. Viber will also become an option when users try to send a message or call from within their contacts app. Users who wish to rely on Viber to make a call or send a message must use the Viber app, rather than the stock messaging app. Users can only contact other Viber members for free. However, Viber allows them to quickly invite people to Viber, which always runs unobtrusively in the background.

So, go ahead and start making free phone calls to your friends and family with Viber.

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