How To Play Super Mario on PC

Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid? If yes then you must have played ‘Super Mario’ in your childhood. Remember how addicting this game was, and not only this, almost 40 million copies of  ‘Super Mario’ have been sold so far, second only to Nintendo’s best selling game- Wii Sports.

However you can still live those moments of your childhood by playing this amazingly addicting game on your PC. Although many websites offer to play Super Mario online but those Flash versions will never-ever give you classic game play experience. So in this article, I have mentioned quick 4 steps about  how to play authentic Super Mario on your PC and that too without any installation. In addition to Super Mario, you will also be able to play Sonic, Contra, Bomber Man, Tank, Road Fighter and almost all those classic games. Lets see how,

  1. First of all download an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Emulator on your computer. [Download Size:1.6MB]
  2. Download Super Mario game file. [Download Size: 40KB]
  3. Open Emulator
  4. Go to File>Open ROM and select Super Mario game file
  5. Start playing :)

Game controls are listed below,

  1. Press Enter to start or pause the game.
  2. Press F to jump
  3. Press D to fire
  4. Press D+Right Arrow key to run in right direction
  5. Press D+Left Arrow key to run in left direction

Caution: I have observed that sometimes while changing controls, emulator gets corrupt. In such case, download/unzipe the fresh copy of emulator and start over. Thus I will recommend NOT to change the controls.

Below I have given few screen-shots of Super Mario Bros while I was playing it on my computer,

super mario on computer

super mario game

super mario bros on computer

super mario online

As I have said, with help of the same Emulator, you could play many more games. Please find download links of all these games below,

Bomber Man [size: 24KB]              Contra [size: 128KB]              Road Fighter [size: 64KB] Sonic Blast [size: 512KB]               54 In 1 [size: 256KB]

And not to mention, below screen-shots will definitely bring a smile on your face. :)

bomber man game road fighter game contra game

tank game tennis game sonic blast

So, what are you waiting for? Go play! And don’t forget to share your experience of playing these games in comments!!

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