How To Find Lost Or Stolen Windows Phone?

Find My PhoneI recently bought Nokia Lumia 800, Windows Phone OS powered phone after much of research. iPhone was my obvious choice before I came to know about Lumia and from the time I bought this amazing phone, I totally love the experience. I recently pen down some of my experiences in article “Why Windows Phone”. The first important thing comes to mind after buying such an expensive device is how to safeguard it from losing or getting stolen. Risk is always there to misplace the phone or forget it somewhere. And thieves have all eyes for such eye-candies. With its Windows Phone 7 OS, Microsoft has made it quite easy to exactly point to the place where your phone is located. Plus you can Ring it remotely as well as wipe out the data if your phone is stolen. And these services are totally free of cost. Let’s see how. 

Find Your Windows Phone

1) Go to in your favourite browser. Login with the Microsoft Live ID which you use on your Windows Phone.

2) In the top left corner, under the menu you can see the “Find My Phone”. Click on this and you’ll see some instructions in the dialog box. This is one time activity.

3) Now after some refresh time, you can see your exact phone location on the map. Isn’t it cool?

4) Each time you log in to, you can click on “Find My Phone” and it will show your recent known location of the phone. If you want current location of the phone, click on “Refresh” and it will map the current location of your phone.

Phone location on the map

5) One important setting you can do on your phone. Go to settings on your Windows Phone and go to “find my phone” setting. You’ll see two options with check-boxes. Check the one which tells “Save my location every few hours for better mapping”. This will make sure to refresh the location on automatically after few hours. So even if you didn’t opened for long, your latest location of the phone will be updated there. This is very helpful when you lost your phone or it’s stolen.

6) Some bonus tips.

  • If you think you just misplaced your phone in the house or office somewhere, you can “Ring” the phone from the menu in the after logging in with the Windows Live ID which you use on your phone.
  • You can “Lock” the phone with password remotely from there. Message can be shown on screen with your alternate contact number or address.
  • And suppose you can’t get your phone back even after all these efforts and you think there is sensitive data on your phone then last option is “Erase”. This option will wipe out all the data on your phone. But keep in mind that, data once “Erased” is not recoverable.
So these are some tips to get your Windows Phone back if it happens to be lost or stolen. And if this helped you get your device back, don’t forget to convey your “Thank You” notes.


  1. elaine


    i lost my windows phone last night and when i press the find my phone buttom it want the country but its not in the list. and my phone battery is dead!



    I am from India. My windows phone is stolen last night. i’m tried many times for find my location from , but could not find it. pls help me.

  3. Divyang


    Have you activated the “Find lost phone” service? This is one time activity you would’ve done.

  4. Hashim


    How am I to find it when I live in Mauritius? Its not on the list when I tried..

  5. Mukul Chandra


    I am from India. My windows phone is stolen last night. i’m tried many times for find my location from , but could not find it. pls help me.

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