Use Filer To Transfer Files Onto Your iPhone Without iTunes! [iOS]

Filer iPhone App Logo Have you ever been caught out and about without a file you really needed? Maybe you want to show your friends some awesome pictures you took while on vacation or you want to make sure you have backups of all your important work documents. For iPhone and iPad users, this usually means going through the painful process of syncing your phone with iTunes, which means you need to remember to put all of your files on the phone manually through iTunes. With Filer, you can forego the use of iTunes software. 


- Manage your Dropbox files and folders
– Save files from other apps
– Extract ZIP, RAR, TAR, and GZIP archives
– Handle password protected archives
– Handle multi-part RAR archives
– Compress files to ZIP archives
– Automatically save photos to photo album
– Automatically save videos to photo album
– Move and delete multiple files at once
– Full featured UI with file and folder browser
– Monitor downloads in real-time
– Background file transfers
– iTunes USB sharing support

Dropbox sync and the ability to manage your files without needing iTunes are the big pluses of Filer. However, the application features full capabilities to handle multiple archived files, so you no longer need to worry about unzipping files before you transfer them to your device. Filer can even handle multi-part downloads, as well as password protected archives.

Filer doesn’t have the ability to download music, but this is a limitation imposed by Apple and not the application developer. While it can’t download music, you can still listen to music using the application. YouTube videos are also out of the question, but that is because they are formatted in .flv format, which is a flash format and not supported by iOS.

Sharing with Filer is made easy as well. All files under 15MB can be emailed with just a few taps and syncing collaborative folders in Dropbox is just a matter of setting up the permissions within the Dropbox interface on your computer. The ease of integration with Dropbox as a cloud syncing service is a great one, since you can quickly move multiple files and photos into a collaborative folder and have them instantly appear available to the person you are sharing with.

Filer File Viewer iPhone

File Transfer iPhone

For iOS4 users, Filer even offers background downloads, meaning you can use other apps while you wait for your current download to finish. This feature is not supported in older versions of iOS since the OS is not capable of multi-tasking.

Filer sandboxes all downloads so that they’re available to be shared and synced with Dropbox, but if you do not move the download outside of Filer and then uninstall the application, then the files will be deleted as well. This keeps your device neat and tidy even after you are done using the application.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to manage and download files on your iPhone of iPad, then Filer fits the bill perfectly. The ability to handle multiple archive types, along with the ability to share files makes it second to none on the market.

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