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Go Apps for Android One of the great things about Android as an experience is the wild level of flexibility you have with how you interact with your device. The only downside of this flexibility is that sometimes handset manufacturers take advantage of it to add undesirable additions to the Android UI. While the HTC Sense UI is pretty well received among handset users, Motorola’s Motoblur is almost universally despised. Thankfully Android users are not locked into the default UI as there are several on the market that perform their functions better than these handset standards. One such fantastic suite for elevating your experience on Android mobile is Go Apps Suite which includes Go Launcher Ex, Go SMS Pro, Go Contacts Ex and more.

Go Launcher Ex

Go Launcher Ex is an all in one home replacement for your Android handset that will operate more smoothly and fluidly than your stock UI, almost guaranteed. The main feature of Go Launcher is its theme system that allows you to select from hundreds of themes within the Go Store. Most of these themes are free, but others are available for only $.99. Extensive theme support is not the only plus here, though. Go Launcher allows for several modifications that most stock UIs do not, including:

* Removing the notification bar
* Resize any widget
* Wider home screen grids (maximum of 5 x 5 icons)
* Hide screen selector unless flipping through screens
* Remove app names from home screen
* Rename & set custom icons for apps on the home screen
* Lock screen to prevent accidental app removal
* Folder support for grouping apps together
* Hide apps from selector menu

As you can see, Go Launcher features plenty of options that allow you to transform your user experience. Perhaps the most useful is the ability to categorize your apps into folders so you can access similar apps within a single experience. Renaming icons is useful as well, since many apps on the market contain naming inconsistencies that can bother perfectionist Android users. Aside from replacing your Launcher, the Go Devs have a few other apps up their sleeve to complete the experience.

If you’re looking for some great Go Launcher Ex Themes then see this post.

Go Launcher Ex

Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro features the same dedication to themes that you’ll find in Go Launcher Ex and is generally more powerful than most stock SMS services. One of the greatest features about Go SMS Pro is it allows you to set a pop up preview window when you receive an SMS, so you never have to go into the program to reply to text messages. This can be extremely useful if you’re browsing another app and receiving constant SMS messages, as you don’t have to close your app to reply to them. Other notable features of Go SMS Pro include:

* Threaded conversations
* Text to Speech/Handwritten messages
* Quick call button for calling your contacts
* Larger edit box for more room while typing
* Spell check
* Programmable quick texts
* Extended emoticons plugin
* More than 1,000 themes
* Set custom notification tones for individual contacts

In addition, Go SMS Pro can save you money if you’re on a limited text plan as one of the extensible widgets is Go Chat. Go Chat connects directly to Go SMS Pro and if both you and your contact are using the Go Chat program, you can choose to send messages through Go Chat and completely avoid SMS charges. Just remember this form of messaging does use your carrier’s wireless data plan.

Go SMS Pro

Go Contacts

Go Contacts is the final replacement app for your phone and offers a robust way to interact with all of your contacts. It replaces the default dialer and contact list with a highly customizable list. Go Dialer can match any theme available for Go Launcher and Go SMS, which completes the Go experience on your phone. Features of Go Contacts include:

* Group Contacts
* Display contact pictures with custom ringtones (requires Go SMS Pro)
* Set favorite contacts for quick access
* View Incoming/Outgoing Calls
* Organize contacts via Phone or Google Account
* Search via name or number
* Several different slide animations
* Speed Dial

The Go Contacts also has several themes available for purchase in the Go Store, which will be downloaded when you use any of the Go Suite.

Go Contacts

The best part of the entire Go Suite is that it is free to use, with no ads. The Go developers make their money from users purchasing themes from the Go Store, but there are plenty of free themes created by third-party developers available on the marketplace. If you’re tired of any of the stock apps for your Android phone, give the Go Apps Suite a try to power charge your Android experience.

App links from Android Market once again : Go Launcher Ex, Go SMS Pro, Go Contacts

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