PicStitch: App to Create Photo Collages on iPhone and iPad

Hotrod car photo using Pic Stitch PicStitch is an app available for the iPhone or the iPad that is designed to create framed and balanced photo collages, all from the handy convenience of your mobile device. You can even take the photos with your device’s camera, stitch them together with PicStitch, and then share them online with your social network without ever having to sit down at a computer. See the picture of Hotrod car on the left which is made using Pic Stitch app with different effects. PicStitch is currently available free of charge and allows you to choose from its nearly 30 presets of photo collage grid styles in order to invent your own personalized creation.

Photo collages can be a great way to surround yourself with the people you love and can become beautiful and cherished greeting cards and holiday gifts. Scrapbooks of old memories can be turned into intricate works of art with just a handful of photos, some attention to detail, and a good photo collage program. While there are many apps available to help you edit your photos while on the go, photo collage apps have been hard to come by. PicStitch is the first real solution that allows you to create intricate photo collage masterpieces even when you’re away from your desktop or laptop.

Any photo saved on your mobile device is game and can be used in PicStitch. Pictures can be aligned and rotated however necessary or resized easily with your iPhone or iPad’s intuitive multi-touch pinch and pull system. Other photo editing options available include pan, flip, and mirror. There are also two color filters available, sepia and grayscale, with which you can stylize your collages to your liking. You can leave one photo in full color, to make sure it receives extra attention, and place a grayscale filter on the photos around it to allow them to act as supporting acts.

PicStitch gives you, the user, a high degree of customization in the creation of your collages in order to ensure that the end result is exactly how you envisioned it to be. Once your design is ready, it can be share via a number of methods. If you have an Internet connection, your collage can be exported to Facebook or shared with your contacts via email from directly inside the PicStitch interface. If no Internet connection is available at the time, you can save your collage to your device’s photo album and share it at a later date. All photo collages may be exported with a very high resolution to ensure that quality is not lost.

Photo collages made with PicStitch can be used as memorable gifts for family members and friends. In the absence of sentimentality, photo collages can also be a great way to compile memories of a great party, picnic, or other event to accompany a blog post on the topic. Collages can bring to life any special occasion, bringing together the various bits, pieces, and facets of an event into an interesting whole. They can be used to show others the world as seen through your eyes.

For any photo collage aficionado, PicStitch has all the tools you will need to keep up your hobby while on the go. And if you haven’t yet discovered the joys of creating photo collages, PicStitch can be the perfect tool to introduce you to this fun and creative means of sharing your photos.

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