7 Addictive Flash Games You Must Play (Office Timepass)

Flash GamesHere I am going to present you list of few really addictive flash games. Many of us crawl through Internet desperately to hunt for something interesting which can keep them occupied. Be it frustrated IT professional who is on bench for last one year or student or any other random guy. Anyways, if you are one of them then this is the right place and you could spend hell lot of time on this page. You could make these games even more interesting by involving the guy or gal sitting next to you in ‘Top Score’ challenge! Let me tell you if you are a real warrior, you won’t bow down to your colleague. ;)

You may face one question sooner, ‘Where are the rest four games? Because here only three games are visible.’ Well, remaining four games, stuffed in excel sheet, are attached HERE. By the way, I have scanned this file with Avast 5.0 to assure readers’ safety. Your next question might be, ‘Why in excel sheet, why not here?’ The reason is as all of them contain music which automatically starts playing when the page loads, it becomes annoying.

1. Copter

This game is all about precision. Hit the left mouse button and release it at right time to keep ‘Copter’ floating.

id=”fm_Copter_381606841″ class=”flashmovie” width=”550″ height=”420″>
data=”http://www.goospoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Copter.swf” name=”fm_Copter_381606841″ width=”550″ height=”420″>

2. Gold Miner

Wow! This game is my favorite. Collect diamonds, gold to keep your score board rotating. At the same time, try to avoid stones and pigs. :P Also, make wise choice when you have to buy the stuff at the end of each level. Wanna chase me? See the screenshot HERE of my high score. It took me 2 days to make this gigantic score.

id=”fm_Gold_Miner_20698726″ class=”flashmovie” width=”550″ height=”400″>
data=”http://www.goospoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Gold_Miner.swf” name=”fm_Gold_Miner_20698726″ width=”550″ height=”400″>

3. Ship For The Hit Test

This is the game with which you could play tirelessly. It involves few twists in later stages. Go play it!

id=”fm_Ship_For_HitTest_530713025″ class=”flashmovie” width=”550″ height=”600″>
data=”http://www.goospoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Ship_For_HitTest.swf” name=”fm_Ship_For_HitTest_530713025″ width=”550″ height=”600″>

4. Tower Defender

Interesting one! You need to place different weapons at different locations in limited budget such that they kill maximum number of enemies. Let me tell you, choose weapons and their locations wisely else you will be eliminated. And as I said earlier, this game is attached in excel sheet.

5. Foosball Online

Foosball is nothing but the ‘Table Football’. You must have played (or seen at least) Foosball in any shopping mall or multiplex. Its good. Attached in excel sheet.

6. Space Ship Adventures

You need to drive a space ship through lot of obstacles and accumulate the points. It has many fun filled stages that will drive you crazy. Again, its in excel.

7. Car Racing

Bit tough yet interesting. You need some patience to beat CPU.

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  1. sonia


    i finally succeded in beating your gold miner score. i reached 18th level with $35259 in hand.

  2. Gaurang Patel


    Finally, Sonia did it! That’s pretty cool! You must be sweating at the end of this high-score marathon.. :)

  3. Poonam


    Gold Miner game is amazing….

  4. Chintu


    hi… I beated your score in goldmine..I reached level 18 with 36539 points… :)

  5. Anush


    I am at level 21 with $44016…. :)



    croossed ur as well as sonia’s hihest score.:)

    reached level which needed 39620 points

  7. Shanmukh


    Gold miner…I beat you all…My score is 35321…Almost reached level 19

  8. Rajnikant


    Ye na Rascala, Gold Miner failed to complete my Level 1.
    Any doubt!!!!

  9. Gaurang Patel


    Thanks for your interest so far! It seems my high score in Gold-Miner wasn’t that challenging. :)
    Now, let me raise a bar. In case if you beat my high score then I will recommend to take screen shot of your high score at the end and please mail me at meetgaurang [at] gmail [dot] com.

  10. Y V Ravitheja Reddy


    I Love this Gold Minner game…….Awesome…….I am at level 44 with $83654 Points

  11. Ketan


    Hello guys.

    Gold Miner game is best game.
    I reach to the 38th level and I scored $90365.
    in that level.

  12. Ketan


    Check my score Level:56.
    Score 161163.5

  13. Rohit Verma


    I havr reached level 60,with a score os 14000+

  14. Rohit Verma


    correction for above
    I have reached level 60,with a score os 140000+

  15. papa


    i reach level 70 with a score of 180,000

  16. Srini


    I scored 1,90,000 in 72 levels…Game is Awesome…

  17. Valvo


    My score 2.15.358 @ level 78

  18. Puppy


    Gold Miner is awesome… have tried my best…was at 22280…

  19. puppy


    my score was 40438….vl try for better score

  20. puppy


    score was 54253

  21. Sandeep


    Scored $142117 in Gold Miner :)

  22. Sandeep


    My score in Gold Miner 611354 :)

  23. harish agarwal


    my score is 3.16.484 at level 92

  24. Trishala


    My score is 3,22,355 at level 95

  25. chandru


    i reached 21th level with $45556 in gold miner

  26. moumita


    gold minor is amezing game

  27. kanika


    Hi guys..gold miner is good time pass..

  28. Bibek Singh


    Hi Guys i was able to reach level 14 with $25220.

    Gold Minor is a nice game……

    A great time killer.

  29. arihan


    really helped me stress out

  30. rocky


    came on mr patel came dawn what you will get by looking at screanshoot

  31. rocky


    my score is that i reached level with $39865
    do you want my screanshot

  32. Jay Jethva


    Hello.. my score is 89531 at level 43 :) :P

  33. Vikaschandra Mishra


    i have reached level 34 with a score 46103..
    neone needs cheats letme know

  34. hiren vora


    goldminer is a nice game guys

  35. manoj


    addiction ho gya hai gold minor ka

  36. Varun007


    I beat you all…My score is 645314 …Almost reached level 237

  37. pavan


    my gold mainer score is 1123423 in level 100

  38. Devendra singh


    i have scored today 47276 in gold miner

  39. Devendra singh


    Scored $ 47718

  40. Devendra singh


    I have scored $58273 today………..

  41. Devendra Singh


    Today I have scored $ 93651 in Gold Mine……….

  42. Devendra Singh


    I have Score $ 204029 Today… Devendra Singh

  43. wasim


    score 150000

  44. vikrant sam


    gold miner is a very nice game i reach till 38th level my score was 98745$

  45. sam


    in gold miner i reach till 32 level higest score898745

  46. Naveen


    I crossed Your Score $35859 :P :P :P

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