30+ Deal-A-Day Sites In India And Still Counting. Please Stop!

Is everybody crazy out here in India? Every day I browse through Internet, I find new daily deal website cropping up. The same concept, the same UI and almost same deals. Idea is attractive though ground reality is each of them is NOT going to survive. Initially when I thought of writing about daily deal sites in India, I imagined such site count could be around 10 but after thorough study, count smoothly reaches to 27 30+. Anyway let me brief about what is so happening in this deal-a-day concept. It all started with GroupOn in USA. GroupOn was launched in November, 2008 and today its valuation is close to $15-20 billion. [source] Such a fast-paced growth was a truly compelling and numerous Groupon replica forked out across the globe.

I have categorized these deal-a-day sites into four categories. I have considered various parameters like traffic, media coverage, Alexa rank and other statistics while evaluating them.

UPDATE as on 29th August, 2012

See, I told you..  Just don’t copy-paste the stuff blindly. It doesn’t work that way! The result is in front of us. Out of 31 Deal-A-Day start-ups,
–> 18 are dead. See the ‘strikethrough’ listings.
–> 5 could be dead anytime unless the business model is changed. And the list is BuyThePrice.com, LootMore.com, DealDrums.com, AajKaCatch.com, GainDaily.com
–> 3 have changed business model drastically. They are snapdeal.com, dealsandyou.com and koovs.com.

Serving Amazingly Well

1. Snapdeal: Well executed startup with 4 million registered users and around 30000 transactions a day is doing best in this segment. It has raised $12 million in its series B round of funding. It has around 400+ employees and head-count is increasing day by day. [source] However, SnapDeal has changed business model drastically. It more looks like an E-commerce store rather than typical ‘Deal-A-Day’ website.
2. Sosasta: It got renamed to crazeal.com. Finally GroupOn made entry in Indian market with this venture. It has grabbed much attention of public and media too.
3. Taggle:  It was well executed and doing good but still didn’t survive. Seems it had lost its way in the tough price war with other players and now it is shut down due to non profitable model.
4. Mydala: It has around a million registered user and has raised Rs 10 crore. [source] Don’t you think ‘.COM’ bubble is shaping up in India?
5. DealsAndYou: It is more focused on products rather than services. Quite popular.

Good Enough

6.  Times Deal: See who is in the game, Times Group!
7.  Rediff Deal: One more Internet giant Rediff could not resist to get plunge into this game.
8.  Koovs: Stopped deal-a-day operations. Now, it is fashion store for women. It sales clothing, lingerie, shoes, bags, accessories etc.
9.  Dealivore: No more!
10. Buzzintown Deals: It was part of well known portal BuzzInTown and had good offerings. Still it vanished!
11. Bindaas Bargain: Traffic was good. Had impressive Facebook fan base. Dead now!
12. Buy The Price:
13. GrOffer: Specialized in Real estate deals. It is all set to raise 2-3 crores from angel investors. [source]
14. Vamoose: It was specialized in travel deals introduced by Travel Mart India. But didn’t work!


15. Scoopstr: The End.
16. Dealsface: The popular portal Mouthshut had joined deal-a-day band wagon too. But it couldn’t ensure success. Gone in a flash.
17. LootMore: It offers more like toys and gadgets. Bit low traffic. According to me, it will not survive long with existing business model.
18. Deal Yantra: Introduced by IndyaRocks group. Now, ‘503 Service Unavailable’ is its destiny. Tragic!
19. Aaj Ka Catch: Hope it doesn’t become Kal-ka-catch! Kidding! :P
20. Coupon2Buy: Busted! Your Favicon logo is ‘G’. You cant copy Groupon so blindly. Are you listening administrator of Coupon2Buy? Seems admin took things seriously; they closed the operations.
21. GroopOffers503 Service Unavailable
22. City Offers: No more deals.
23. Voucher Wow: Dead!
24. Grako: According to the current message on the website, they have SOLD this venture.  Sold for what? Peanuts? Never mind! :) Again, I appreciate the entrepreneur spirit of people behind these start-ups.
25. Deal Drums: Focused more on Hyderabad.
26. Group Bachat: Error: Not Found
27. Fandoo Deals: Right now, I could see ‘Under Construction’ banner!! But it seems wrong. ‘Out of business’ would have been more suitable.
28. Solid In Sixty: Perished, not solid at all!
29. GainDaily: Too low traffic. Need to see how long they can sustain.

Serving From Grave!

30. MobStreet: Unfortunately it was closed and taken over by GrOffer. Don’t know what value it might have added in GrOffer, may be list of Don’ts!
31. Fish The Deal: Finished. Site is down. Last activity on Facebook page I could see is on March, 2011. May this fish’s soul rest in peace!

Do I have missed any deal-a-day site still? If yes, please mark your comment below.


  1. Deepankar


    There are a few more. Check out at http://www.dealmandi.com – where all the fresh deals meet.

    Thanks for the post. Appreciate it.

  2. Rajat


    check out http://www.dailydealbazaar.com they offer free deals at 10:00 am.

  3. Preeti


    Thats a nice analysis. Thats a lot of discount sites ! Just checked out SoSasta.Com and a lot of their discounts are for beauty products.. spa.. weight loss.. teeth.. They figured, if we could trick them into buying creams that do nothing but claim to make you fair/thin/rich/and god knows what else, we can trick you into anything !

  4. Rohit


    Thanks Rajat for sharing such a nice website, bought an Burglar Alarm for free by just paying Rs.49 for shipping.
    Dailydealbazaar.com rocks…….

  5. Sonia


    Nice compilation. Checkout http://dealspick.com, which offers deal aggregation from all the leading Indian websites.

  6. Navalakshmi


    I had experience with http://dealdrums.com/. It is offering good deals, but now in Hyderabad only…..

  7. Shanker Moily


    Nice interesting article – and convenient grouping of various sites. One small historical inaccuracy. Groupon was not the 1st 1 sale a day deal site. The concept was pioneered by woot.com which was profitable by it’s 2nd year in operation and still running strong. Even 1saleaday.com was in business way before Groupon. groupon did pioneer the concept of coupons for people in a locality.

  8. sachin


    what about 99labels and lovelyoffers.com also upto 75.com

  9. Srinivas


    I think this list will help for the people who want to buy online, here one more site
    http://www.dealnagar.com/ offering discounts on electronics and all products.

  10. radhika


    Just came across this website. http://www.dealspace.in. Looks a bit different from others deal sites…

  11. Hot-Deals


    here comes one more site


    offering discounts on electronics and all products in different way

  12. mohit


    a new website

    daily deals for delhi
    with a deal aggregator


  13. Ecosystem is the most important. India is far behind in creating the ecosystem in retail space, let alone the deal space. What we can expect of the deal sites of present day is to be a good tabulation. I think automation is still a basic work. tabulation needs design. A very clean design to be as good as the deal sites and an abstraction capability with federated search.

    Critic is also very important because knowledge sharing is very important to weed the best. May be somebody should do automation first and then weeding manually. We at dealspeaks( http://dealspeaks.com/ ) are working on the same.

    Obviously with jehad level honestly.

  14. Payal Shah


    I just came across http://www.grako.in which has really come up with nice interface and list of products. Also they have past deals lined up for people who have missed it!!!

    Must visit Once

  15. Nithi


    Thats a good compilation.. I just checked this site http://www.bdbdo.com which seems to be a good deal gathering site.. Though they are in the very initial stage..

  16. Gaurav


    Thanks for the post. Have a look at http://www.checkalldeals.in. They are a nice daily & group deals aggregator!

  17. sowmya


    New daily deal website

  18. Gurinder Pal Singh


    You could check out http://www.HarDeal.com also….All deals from Snapdeal, DealsAndYou, SoSasta, Ebay and Rediff on a single page…..

  19. sanjay


    Checkout http://www.groupbookings.in a group deal site exclusively for real estate group buying.

  20. Hot-Deals


    Good comprehensive list, One more to add in this list http://www.hot-deals.co.in

    This is community driven deal site with collection of online deals submitted & voted by the users.

  21. Ashok


    Thanks Gaurang for nice listing of deal site in India.

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    More deal site listing are to be added. Already covered most of the deal site listed her on this page.


  22. raj


    One more deal site to make a difference!


    This is yet to be launched! but certainly it is sure to make waves.

  23. Sam


    Check out http://www.groupdealsforyou.com/ for deals in spa, salon, health & wellness, Lifestyle and restaurant in Mumbai city
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  24. Manish


    Thanks for the comprehensive list…I believe only 3 will survive out of these 30…

  25. Amit



  26. Vijay


    There is http://www.motadeals.com which is quite good, excellent service

  27. Vijay


    Great article by the way

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  29. chahat


    check this:

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  30. Vijay


    Check this.. Deals4Savings.com is online deals website in India. Deals4Savings.com does not post localize one deal day, but post online web deals, which one can buy from any where.

  31. Ujala


    Checkout http://www.dealsoye.com. This is a new addition in serving amazingly well :))

  32. aaditya


    wow!! That’s a huge list of daily deal websites and so are coupons websites out there.

  33. Yana


    I have been an avid followers of deals/offers/coupons in India… I find http://www.yummdeals.com is quite upto what young people wants… do visit and try sending an email at yummdeals@gmail.com, incase you could not find a deal you were looking for…

  34. DealsOnIndia


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  35. Neeraj Sharma


    It’s New upcoming website with unique content, mind blowing idea, just wait and watch

  36. neeraj sharma


    now we have http://www.myfoodmydeal.com a new concept

  37. Ganesh


    Groupon was not the first company that introduced deals model. It was first conceived by http://GiveBestDeal.com

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