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Create your own iPhone AppHave you ever thought of developing an iPhone Application? Probably not, just because you think that not everyone can develop applications for iPhone, as it requires lot of coding and only a technical person with programming skills would be able to do it. But you know what, you were wrong if you were thinking that, now you can develop your own iPhone application without any programming skills.

With AppMakr you can create your own iPhone application. Appmakr is a browser-based platform designed to help creating your own iPhone app quick and easy. Using existing content and social networking feeds, AppMakr is a user-friendly system allowing for the creation of native iPhone applications.

In this article we will be giving you step by step guide on How to develop iPhone Applications using AppMakr.

Primary Steps Of Building iPhone Application Using AppMakr

1. The very first step is to get yourself registered at AppMakr [link]. Fill in all the details and verify your registration.

2. Now login to your AppMakr account and click on “Create New App”


3. Now you will have to choose a Template for your application.

4. After choosing a suitable template for your iPhone Application. Enter URL, RSS/Atom Feed or any Search Term. AppMakr will search the web for content you can use in your iPhone Application. For e.g you want to build an iPhone application for medical stores in New York, so just type “Medical Store New York” and hit enter.

You can also skip this step.

5. After this a sample application will be created for you, you can now customize it and simultaneously see the resulting changes in the right hand side of the dashboard.

In the top bar you will see various buttons :-

  • Art – For choosing App name, icon and background
  • Tabs – For choosing various tabs & buttons to be used in the app.
  • Customize – For customizing overall appearance of the app.
  • Notification – It is used for sending some notifications to your app users even when they are not running you app. It can be used only after you have published your app.
  • App Info – For adding extra information about the app and yourself.
  • Monetize – For choosing options to monetize the app.
  • Publish – To publish your app.

Developing iPhone App Using AppMakr

Developing iPhone App requires designing your app and providing proper RSS Feed URL for informations to be displayed in your app.

Art : Under this tab you can name your App and choose  proper icon and Background image too. You also have an option to hire a professional designer from AppMakr.

Tabs : You can add tabs for your App. You also have options to select various types of Tabs to be used in your App. To add a Tab click on the type of tab you want to add and just give a proper name and RSS Feed URL to the tab.

Customize : You can customize overall appearance like- Header Image, Appearance, Sharing Buttons.

App Info : You can give some information about the App and your website in this tab.

Monetize : In this tab you will get options to monetize your App. You can choose your ad serving platform and just enter your publisher ID and hit enter.

Notification : In this tab you can give notifications to your App users, even when they are not using your App. These are great for breaking news, calls to action, last-minute specials, or any other scenario where you would want to reach all your users at the same time.

By default AppMakr provides the first 100 Notification credits at no cost. Afterwards, you can purchase additional Notification credits for $50.

Publishing Your iPhone App

To publish you App click on “Publish” in the top bar.

You have two options- Either you get your App Published under your own brand (For this you will need to have you own Apple developer account costing $99/year) or You can let AppMakr publish your App (Costing $999).

Option 1 : Let AppMakr publish your App

If you don’t have Apple developer account just click “Request Publication”. Agree to the terms and conditions and click “Continue Request Publication…”

After this you will be required to enter some more information related to your App like :-

  • Categories
  • Keywords
  • Copyright Info
  • Cost

And many more. After Filling up the form click on “Save and Continue”.

Complete your order and you are done. It will take around 7-45 days to get your App get approved.

Option 2 : Self Publish your App

On the publish page click on “Set Up Account”. Now you have two options to set up the account :-

  1. Upload your Private Key(P12) file and password.
  2. Generate a new certificate (If you don’t have one) – Just follow simple steps & get yourself a new certificate.

Well typically Self Publishing is faster the letting AppMakr publish your App, so it is preferred.

So why don’t you just give a try to AppMakr and see if you can build iPhone app on your own!


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