Top 10 Free Android Apps To Maintain Your Fitness And Health

While Google Android apps marketplace is slowly and steadily increasing its pace to catch up with the iPhone apps marketplace – there are still thousands of Android apps that are mind-boggling and amazingly useful available in the marketplace. These days, Android phones are rapidly making its place in everyone’s pocket. People from all ages, different origins and countries are buying Android phones.

Android phones can do anything that you think that only iPhone is capable of – be it helping you in staying fit and healthier. If you are a proud owner of Android phone and interested in staying fit and be in shape – there are plenty of Android fitness apps that are absolutely free and keep track of your daily calories burned, weight loss or gain, running, jogging and exercise activities. But, you know that many of the free apps are either buggy or of no use. So, it’s always hard to find out the best free apps from the junk in the marketplace.

Still, there are lots of best free Android fitness apps available that are surely worth mentioning here. These apps aren’t going to do hard work for you like running, jogging, cycling etc. but they can help you to stay motivated. Some Android fitness apps will help you to keep track of your running or exercises while some will help you to keep a closer look at calories gained or burned, others will help you to make healthy food or your diet programs.

So, if you too wanted a healthier life and want to stay in shape without those extra pounds, Go and make full use of your heavily loaded Android phone and download these free fitness apps and give them a try. Believe me, these apps will act as a better companion for you to stay motivated and be in shape.

Check out the list of Top 10 free Android apps to maintain your health and fitness. If you know any other app that is worth a try, don’t forget to share with our readers in the comments section below.

1) CardioTrainer + Resolutions : This app will help you to track your walking, running, biking and other activities. “The New Year’s Resolution Edition” is quite a interesting idea to keep yourself motivated. You set a resolution- if you make it you get your money back otherwise it will be donated to charity.

2) JogTracker : This app measures distance and time for walkers, runners and cyclists. It takes help of GPS and Google Maps to find your way and you can also check your jog history on the web.

3) LiftPro2 – Fitness Training : I believe this is most powerful fitness app to manage your all your fitness and workout activities. You can track, manage, log and create your jog and learn more than 100 exercises that includes diagrams.

4) My Tracks : This app records your GPS tracks and show time, distance, speed and elevation while you are cycling, running or other activities. You can share your tracks My Tracks records your GPS tracks and shows live statistics such as time, speed, distance, and elevation – while hiking, cycling, running or participating in other outdoor activities. Once recorded, you can share your tracks with your friends and upload them to Google Spreadsheets.

5) SportyPal Pro : One of the best training tool for managing your running, cyclin, skiing logs. Other important features includes GPS based tracker, sync with your web account, heart rate support and much more.

6) RunKeeper Pro : Use GPS to track your fitness activities like time, speed, distance, calories burned and path showed on the map. It also includes RunKeeper Fitness classes, customization of workout intervals and much more.

7) WeightPad : This app is useful to record your weight by kg, lb etc in a line graph mode. You can check your daily weight and goal weight you want to achieve.

8 ) Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal : The best diet app in Android market to lose weight over largest food database over 600,000 foods.

9) Diet & Food Tracker : Another fitness app with food and calorie tracker that helps you to check burned calories through fitness tracker. It has also a decent collection of animated exercise demos and help you make detailed weight and calorie reports.

10) Healthy Recipes : Fitness starts from food and this app helps you to make healthy food at your home that helps you to stay in shape. Every food you browse provides calories, fat, carbohydrates and much more. Best app for anyone doing diet.

Bonus best free Android Fitness apps

11) StopSmoking : You surely know that smoking is injurious to health and I believe you want to quit it too. But, nothing works – try this app that includes numerous tips to motivate you. This also keeps records of your tobacco usage and saved money.

12) Daily AB Workout Free : This app will help you to maintain your ab routine everyday with the help of 5 mintune video. All exercises are showed by certified personal trainer and target all major abdonimal muscles.

So what are you waiting for? Download these apps in your android powered mobile and start burning that extra fat. Stay lean and fit, and don’t forget to share or comment!


  1. jolaus


    nice list ;)

  2. Brad


    Keep your eye on ludusfit, v2.0 is under development and should blow most of these away

  3. gry


    Endomondo is worth trying, same with SportsTrackLive :)

  4. PC cured


    Advanced Task Killer?
    Go SMS
    Dolphin Browser
    Barcode Scanner
    k9 mail

    The Must haves:

  5. igor


    Keep your eye on aFitness pro a very good fitness app

  6. Avery Frank


    Tried this app in my search for new year fitness , seems alright so far

  7. Elaine


    Quit Now helped me quit smoking. Take a look at that one. The support group is wonderful.

  8. Randy


  9. mindBox


    Easily keep track of your gym and cardio workouts with GymXP for Android:

  10. oscar


    HI, try this one free app It help to set intervals for yoru workouts, I’ll be adding new features based on feedbacks. Thanks

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