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So you get that cool startup idea which will change the world! Or you’ve that killer app which will take the web by storm! But you need the most to float these things online is a super cool domain name which conveys the idea of service or product, catchy, easy to remember and which has “oo” somewhere stuffed in ( Am I referring Google, Yahoo or Goospoos for that matter!? ).

Interesting facts about domain names

Let’s get some of the facts straight about domain names.  Finding a smaller yet organic and catchy name is almost impossible. There are 50 million .com domain names are registered in total. If you’re thinking to register two or three letter domain names then sorry, they are all registered! Even with all permutations and combinations of digits and alphabets, sorry again, all taken. Out of 456,976 four letter domain name combinations, 97,786 are open but are of not any use as they contain very random and illogical sequences of alpha-numeric like 7XD5.com or VQ8R.com. There is some hope in five letter sequences but you’ll have hard time to find meanings in the acronyms you find in them! What’s the most popular and common domain name length? 11 characters that it is. So if you’ve come up with some cool and meaningful name anywhere from 5 to 13 characters then you’re good to go. No worries. People don’t memorize products or services because their domain names are cool, it’s other way round. But still names do matter and to find them, here are some best domain name generator web services you should check out.

These domain name generators will help you to find good website name ideas for your business, service or application. They will show you whether domain names you want are available or not, suggest different combinations or different TLDs ( top level domain i.e. .com, .net, .org etc. ). There are many such services available but we have chose the best of them. So what characteristics these domain name generators have in common?
– They are FREE
– Easy to use
– Intuitive

1) Bust A Name

Bust a name
This is my personal favorite. It offers Word Combiner, in which you can add words you like and it will generate available domain names from combinations of those words. If you like any name from those combinations then you can save them for further review. It will also save session so that next time you open Bust A Name, you get saved domain names too. Other options you can use with Word Combiner are domain extensions, prefix-suffix of letters, adding hyphens etc. Other functionality it provides is Quick Domain Check. If you have any name in mind and want to check whether it’s available for registration, you can do so using this. You start typing your name and it will show availability of .com, .net and .org TLDs for that name.

2) Domain Exposer

Domain exposer
This is pretty straight forward tool. You need to type in you keyword and select some of the options like mix with, keyword position, start with, end with, min-max characters, hyphens and extensions. Its simple UI and even simpler result pages will make the task of choosing a good name easier. Only one drawback I see is, there is no way you can turn off the domain name combinations which are already taken. Because you see, I’ll be not interested in domain names which are already taken.

3) NameBoy

Name boy
It’s little messy but provides good random name generation around your keyword. You can feed in primary and secondary word and it will show you random combinations of the keywords with some funky words. The availabilities of generated names are shown in bit less user friendly manner. But anyway it’s good option.

4) 123Finder

I’ve scraped this service from my list first time I looked at it because it didn’t offer any options other then entering the keyword. But after I entered keyword and pressed search, I got all the options like extension chooser, availability chooser and character number limits. Actually it’s the advanced page and you can directly access it here.

5) NameStation

Name Station
Pretty simple domain name suggestion tool. Enter keyword and search, it will show random combinations with your keyword in the range of the character limit you’ve given (default is 6-8). Don’t forget to check the box where it says “Show only available domains”. It makes life easier. Isn’t it? You can use different options they provide like synonyms, related or other random word generation from your keyword too.

Do you know Web 2.0?

Ok let me assume. You drink the web 2.0 kool aid everyday, you talk, eat and understand web 2.0. Then here are two more bonus tools to create funky cool web 2.0 domain names.  I don’t know how these tools works, but they work exceptionally well. And I must tell, the results are awesome. I think before looking for anywhere else, you should generate some web 2.0 domain names here and try to find their availability. Don’t you think Blogfly, Voomm, Vizzy, Kiyo, Muzzy are cool website names! Think again!

Dot-a-mator Web 2.0 Name Creator

Cool web 2.0 domain name creator. But pretty shitty when comes to checking of availability of those names. You’ve to check for each one separately. Time consuming task I’ll say.

Surf7 Web2.0 Name Generator

This one too is as good as dot-o-mator. But provides availability check in simpler way. You don’t get redirected to some fishy looking domain name registering site. Availability is checked in same frame. Cool!

Some useful tips about domain names

  • Anything between 5 to 13 characters is good domain name length.
  • Never go for hyphens in the domain name, even if you get perfect keywords inside it.
  • Always prefer to get .com extension. .net or .org are second options and in my opinion should not be the only names for your website. Ok, don’t go for them at all. If you already have .com name then you should get .net or .org for that name.
  • Country specific domain names can be registered in option to .com extension. Say you can register thiswillchangetheworld.co.uk instead of .com counterpart if you are in UK.
  • Don’t be mediocre. Be bold while choosing your website name. Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, Facebook or Groupon are the examples of original thought process of their founders.
  • It should be spelled easily. Should not be confusing to people. Though this can be overlook if you have got excellent service! ( Remember flickr or digg! ). So there is no thumb rule for this.

So that’s all folks. If you’ve got some funky website name for your app or service, share in comments. And don’t forget to tip over this article to your twitter and facebook friends. Share, share, share!


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    The Web 2.0 generator was EXACTLY what I needed.

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