Top 25 Technology Video Websites And Youtube Channels

Kid watching videos on MacAs internet grows, bandwidths are getting cheaper, faster and more reliable. And this translates into more and more video content generation and consumption around the globe. Actually we are habitual to watching videos because of the Television and it attracts people en masse. Youtube, Hulu, Metacafe, Dailymotion are few of the popular online video websites which provides platform to upload, watch and share videos. In this article I’m aggregating some of the best technology video resources online. Some of them covers tech news while some of them do reviews of new tech products and services. I’ve also included some educational resources which provides video resources of lectures on vast array of technologies. These resources are individual video channels of websites or youtube channels of popular tech websites and magazines.

1) : Cnet is one of the biggest technology resource without any doubt and this is the video channel you should not miss.

2) : Teckzilla is called Internet television.

3) : They cover internet products and services.

4) : Videos about video games, game reviews & news.

5) : Learn about search technology and ebusiness essentials. Good resource for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

6) : General web news videos.

7) : Well know magazine PCWorld’s video channel

8} : Another video website about tech, web and news about internet.

9) : NewYork Times technology video channel. David Pogue is really hilarious.

10) : ABC news technology video channel. High quality video content.

11) : How-to technology videos on Howcast.

12) : TechWebTV youtube channel.

13) : Everybody knows computer world magazine right? This is their youtube channel.

14) : PCWorld youtube video channel.

15) : Google talks channel.

16) : Google tech talks.

17) : VMWare – biggest tech company in computer virtualization space has some serious thoughts about tech and clouds.

18) : Boingboing is well known blog.

19) : Gizmodo is a famous gadget blog.

20) : MIT university channel.

21) : TED is organization for entrepreneurs. Must watch for budding entrepreneurs.

22) : Yale university channel.

23) : Stanford university.


25) : Popular UK newspaper Guardian’s technology video news series.

26) : Tech podcasts.

27) : Podcasts’ directory.

If you know any other good online video resource for tech & web, let others know in comments. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


  1. twitfanboy


    I would like to add some major networks I think deserve the “1337” points to be qualified at the top of this ( at least the first three):

    1) TWiT Tv

    Definitely check out the godfather of tech Leo Laporte and his longest running and largest growing podcast networks @ the networks video page or in iTunes.

    2) 5by5

    Also I have recently been listening to Dan Benjamin’s large podcast network at where he has a plethora of podcasts varying from talking about social media/ tech news all the way to programming podcasts for web or ruby on rails and speaks with some of the larger names in the tech industry today.

    3) The Engadget Podcast

    If you haven’t been to and you are interested in tech, definitely check out their excellent tech site. Their podcast can be found at


    The ThisWeekin network started by Jason Calocanis becoming popular after his This Week in Startups. This network has probably the fastest growing network in its large variety of podcasts ranging on all areas of modern tech.

  2. Divyang


    @twitfanboy, you’ve listed very useful tech podcast and video channels. Thanks.

  3. Monty


    Very nice websites & very useful thanks for sharing it :) I’ve one youtube channel also:

  4. john


    I came across this tech-reviewer on Youtube called MrRealtalkonly recently and I really like his vids. He seems to know what he’s talking about and his video’s are well edited. You guys should check him out.

  5. Ben


    These are all big company/educational shows. What about the individual reviewers like Tek Syndicate? What a crappy list.

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