Idea Cellular: ‘Invalid login’ Problem Solved While Retrieving MMS

what an idea sirjiThe popular problem faced by almost everyone willing to retrieve MMS on Idea Cellular site Many times due to network congestion, MMS remains undelivered and one receives the message like ‘MMS from xxxxxx waits for you at Username is your mobile no and password is xxxxx. Message expiry is 5 days.’ Now, while accessing the above link, you may face error saying, ‘Invalid username or password. Please try again.’ In this case, don’t freak out, solution is just a step ahead!

Where people go wrong is, they forget to add country code ‘91’ before the number. That means if your Idea cellular number is ‘9090909090’ then username would be ‘919090909090’ and password as it is. In fact, I will not state this as a mistake committed by people but purely it is absurd and unfriendly behavior of concerned website.

idea mms retrieval invalid login problem

I hope this will solve your problem and sooner you will cherish the MMS from your loved ones. Let me know if you face any other issue.


  1. vinod kumar


    please give me my mms

  2. Sahul hameed


    Piz give me my mms

  3. aru


    but also nt working . its say invalid password r username

  4. mohit


    i want see my mms

  5. Nitinkumar


    Yes, it solved my problem! Thanks :-)

  6. Mahesh


    I want to see my mms

  7. Moshin khan


    please give my mms

  8. rajnish rajane


    i want to my mms

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