Smartest Way Of Booking IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Revealed

irctc logoThe article, specific to Indian audience, who used to travel a lot in train. Usually I too need to travel frequently among Ahemedabad, Pune and Hyderabad. Many times it is unplanned journey, So I opt for tatkal booking. Initially, I felt like a challenge to grab ticket in Tatkal quota. Reason behind that, a huge number of people are trying to grab the fewer Tatkal quota tickets. Second,  a very unpleasant reason, inefficiency of But with few trial and errors, I found out the most optimized way to book the Tatkal ticket. 

It is really ironic that IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) can’t bare such load and just collapse in front of you every day while booking for Tatkal, contrary to the fact that India is instrumental in developing most complex IT systems in the world. Please don’t blame heavy traffic for inefficiency of IRCTC because there are plenty of websites who bear even more traffic and do not fail. Before going further, I request all IRCTC victims to like – The Worst Site Ever on Facebook. Make the Fan count so big that, IRCTC officials understand rage some day!

Updated on 25th April, 2012

There is a twist in this article. The easiest way of booking Tatkal ticket was about using Quick Book link in, which was quite efficient but as it was being misused by agents, IRCTC has blocked that particular link from 10:00AM to 11:15AM in the morning. So to accommodate this change, I had to rewrite the article. So, as of now, we are left with conventional way only. But still there are ample amount of chances to optimize the conventional method too.

The Optimized Way Of Booking Tatkal Ticket:

Suppose I want to book the tatkal ticket from Ahemedabad to Pune, certainly I should follow the below steps,

  1. You can book Tatkal ticket at 10:00AM in one day before the train departs from the origin station. For example, if train departs from origin on second of the month, Tatkal booking for that train opens on first of the month. Before you start with booking, keep below details handy,
    • From station code (‘ADI’ in our case) and To station code (‘PUNE’ in our case)
    • Train details (E.g. Ahmedabad-Pune Duronto)
    • ID card number (In Tatkal Quota Ticket, ID card for at least one passenger travelling must be entered.)

    You might get a question that, why to have station codes? The answer is, though IRCTC starts giving you suggestion when you start typing stations names but it becomes damn slow at 10 AM. Same for the train details; one can not afford to waste a time for deciding the right train while booking Tatkal ticket. At 9:58AM, log into and wait for the ‘Great Ticket Battle’ to begin. :)

  2. At 10:01AM, enter the station codes in ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields; select quota as ‘Tatkal’ and hit ‘Find Trains’ button. See the below image.
  3. Please don’t click the ’Find Trains’ button before 10:00AM otherwise you might end up with error below,
  4. Complete the rest steps, which are quite easy and they do not involve any rocket science. Please continue reading to have some out of the box tips.
  5. At least for tatkal booking, I strongly recommend to go for Firefox or Chrome. Say ‘NO’ to Internet Explorer.
  6. Recently I noticed that you can NOT do multiple sign-ins at given point of time. Even if you will try, you will get below error message, 
  7. Consider yourself lucky, if you find below ‘Service Unavailable’ error message less than 4 times during whole process. ;)
  8. Sometimes it gets more confusing. Even if your account gets debited, you may or may not reach the IRCTC confirmation screen. In such case, if you want to confirm whether tickets have been booked or not, either check booking history or reach IRCTC customer care here.

This method apparently increases your chances of grabbing Tatkal tickets. Sometimes even if it fails then… hmm.. blame your slower Internet connection. :P Let me know, if you face any difficulties or have suggestions! Moreover, if you are keen to know about ‘Whom to blame for’, ‘Who developed’, IRCTC statistics etc then continue reading one of my articles here!!


  1. santosh


    for IRCTC its only one saying hum nahi sudharenge

  2. chinmay


    No, standing in que at the station is not the only way. As quickbook has never been the only online tatkal booking option. Still the Page that shows u available trains as soon as you log in, works. And works good. Just booked a ticket to jhansi
    And ya i woke up at 08:00, booted my computer at 08:05, internet got connected at 08:06. logged in IRCTC at 08:07. booked at 08:10. clicked payment. Internet down. Tatkal available 8 when i opened 5 now. Refilled all the login info, and stuff. Clicked payment. Selected wrong payment option. Pressed ESC. SEssion expired. Time 08:19.
    Re-logged in. Re-filled info.Availablity -3 Clicked on correct payment option. Payed.

    “The only option left is to go to the railway station and stand in a longggggggg queue to get your tickets. See, how rapid technological advancements are taking place in India!!”

    Please dont spread panic. What NEWS channel did and what stupid IRCTC did in turn was nonsense too, but there are other option and you are spreading PANIC. YOU.

  3. Indian Railway Help


    Indian Railways Help (
    Given Here Is Information With Reference To The Indian Railway Reservation Rules, Tatkal Ticket, Book Tickets, Cancel Tickets, Concession Rules, Break Journey, Season Tickets, IRCTC ON MOBILE, Refund Rules, Upgraded Scheme, Offences And Penalties, Changing Name Procedure, Circular Journey, International Tourist & Check Out How To Do Rail Way Enquiry Of Indian Trains

  4. Midhun V Manikkath


    Please move on to good servers like the one and all works. The bandwidth will get scaled up when there is a peak hour traffic and returns back once the traffic is low.
    Thanks to cloud computing!!!

  5. piyush


    All the information given is very correct and true BUT at the time of tatkal FIRST IRCTC Login need to complete. it is not happening and we are getting the last msg(service unavailable) in first stage only..

  6. Mustafa


    This article is good for nothing

    You have just typed in what people must have already experience after wakening up early morning at 7:30 AM and start preparing the login stuff and get ready to it the “FIND TRAIN” button at 8:00 AM.

    Trust Me for me the most easiest and Convenience option was wake up at 6:30 AM and directly go to VT Station in Mumbai along with my Debit Card and I found there is a separate kiosk over there for Debit Card Payment Option …

    apparently I found no one was sanding on that kiosk and I was the first one (reason why people avoind going to station and stand in a long q for tatkal booking is because of all these BHAIYAS from UP and BIHAR who have spread like virus in all over India like an stupid they just wake up too early and go stand in the Q and last but not the least reason is our corrupted Government employees who take bribes from Travel agent and book tickets for them)



  7. Sheetu


    Great tips..thnx :)

  8. Ashwani


    Good post for a worst site.
    The best way is to book from the reservation counter.

  9. Djan



    Hiiii mustafa u said actually right abt those UP N BIHAR matter……actuallly u know wat due to those(UP N BIHAR) UR maharashtra is running just go out of ur home nn see how many ur mumbai people work in high post…ur maharstra people only know 1thng how to make people Foooool……wat ever they earn in a day they spend those money on alcohol……70% of ur maharastra people are working under THIS UP N BIHAR PEOPLES N UR TELLING Them virus…UR MUMBAI IS RUNNING ONLY FOR THIS BHAIYA VIRUS…..

  10. Praveen


    It was useful… thank you so much….

  11. arun



    this problem is because of u muslim who are increasing there demon population day by day . why blame north india i thing you are a (najayaj)birth of these north indian

  12. santosh


    yeh kabhi nahi sudhrengey.

  13. xyz


    One of the worst site ever seen. But poor indians dont have other option to do. Irctc and the developer who had developed this and the testers who have tested this were the culprits and idiots simply, please help me in saying some bad words to them….so that we can reduce our frustration, struggle what ever. Please help. please shout a good bad words till they here us and make site faster. **REMOVED OFFENSIVE STATEMENT***.Please add the words and spread the word….

  14. Subhankar


    Nice post…………. :-)

  15. Rakesh


    You are most stupid person i had ever seen in my life who is writing some nonsense about any region. First of all you have cheap mentality regarding people of India no matters from where they belong. If you have this kind of mindset then first you shouldevolute yourself.beng as a muslim, you should respect Indians to let you stay here in India to survive otherwise you could have died in any explosion in Pakistan..Just because of our Goverment only you pigs are here in India and abusing them and other states. You narrow mind kattua ,, Come and see in UP and Bihar, Your people are working under us and earning their breads but weneve said bad about them. We are working and earning together happily without no discrimination…I do not want write any abusive language but …..

    You should be thankful to government of India who has given you ample opportunity since after the freedom in form of Reservation or Kota for minority people then even you illiterates are not capable of grabbing good opportunity in our social system…See good people are there in your community also but they are highly qualified and successful for example Mr. Abdul Kalam, He can never entertain the topics of UP ka Bhaiya or Bihari issue. Thats y people love him all across india. Tere jaise kuch illiterate or narrow minded logo ki wajah se teri puri kaum aur teri scoiety badnaam hoti hai like yes there are people in our region also who are doing bad stuff and we are also ashamed of it but who those are educative and broad minded are settled down in metro cities with a respect where your people are loving them…Mr. Amithabh is from UP itself and then even he got a place in your city with love and fame…!!!
    I will advise to not to post any further discrimination staetments since you are a Muslim. shutt your mouth and eat the bread whatever you are getting here.

  16. anil yadav


    harami mustafa aukad mein re

  17. yusuf


    I support mustafa. Look how all bhaiyas are getting agitated for no reason. This shows their hypocrisy. India is our country and we dont need anyone’s permission to live here. Especially bhaiyas, who are apparently the most under-developed of the entire human species.

  18. Gaurav


    Thanks for the valuable insight GAURANG :)

  19. Babaan


    @ Mustafa & yusuf:
    aabe gaadhe, tum salo ko tameej nahi aaye gi, desh ki ekta to nast kar dalo ge. aur ek bat nahi batana chahoge ki tum ne bachhe paida karne ki machine ghar me rakhi hai, tabhi to puri desh me gandh macha de hai.

    illiterate kisko bola : sale ter bante ho aur apne ko developed samajte ho…

  20. zia


    All government websites are like this.. Poorly designed and not able to take load during peak times.. Software companies get lots of money and cheat government by delivering poorly constructed websites..

  21. AMIT


    All the information given is very correct and true BUT at the time of tatkal FIRST IRCTC Login need to complete. it is not happening and we are getting the last msg(service unavailable) in first stage only.. PLZ HEL ME

  22. Abdullah


    IRCTC is worst site with no proper maintenance. Please kindly improve ur service or close ur site or give it to the pvt company

  23. Ashutosh


    Debit card wala section jaisa kuch nahi hota… VT station pe.

  24. dada


    please send me any software for process tatkal booking

  25. dhirendra kumar


    tatkal booking softwere for irctc please send to link my email

  26. Nikesh K Mishra


    I Want fast ticket booking software .so plz halp me

  27. Ruhul Saad


    Some one is trying to help us with some tips……and some are trying to make it a regional and communal argument. How cheap you peaple can be……SHAME..SHAME (Djan, Rakesh, Arun, Yusuf and Babaan) please behave like matured human being….

  28. Hasan


    Hi all, Good blog. Well just want to say that its not all about the irctc portal, they have clustered servers, high bandwidth line… its about the backend railway network where actual bottleneck is due to its old unix-oracle architecture. as railway reservation counters are directly connected through their internal intranet network due to which they get dedicated connectivity and bandwidth.

    Railway has to improve its core network and need to publish more transparent protocols for business portals for ticketing.

  29. anon


    I successfully booked 2 tatkal tickets.Here are few tips,

    – You need an user account for website where you do the booking.

    – If you know of your ticket booking need in advance of couple days, I would suggest finalizing a single train of choice using various parameters like # of coaches/train,waitlist/confirmation ratio history etc.i.e for which train you have higher chances of getting confirmed ticket.

    – Do dry run of your booking for couple days. This will make you familiar with whole process including hurdles, which in turn will give you confidence.

    – As mentioned above note down, station codes and credit/debit card information somewhere in notepad which can be copied easily.

    – I had BSNL internet, and weird thing about it is, if I receive a call then my internet disconnects for sometime, so in my case I disconnected my phone for half an hour (until ticket was booked).

    – While surfing internet for Tatkal booking, I came across this link, You can be ready with passengers info in “advance” and all you need is to click “Magic Autofill” button, when every second matters, this facility is like a boon. I had this prepared with all info including ID proofs. I came across “Magic Autofill” option on this link, (Another helpful post like this one).

    – Though I received few timeout errors in dry run,odd enough, I did not receive none timeout error on the day of booking :-)

    – Remember to have patience,lot of patience while booking,you may see upto 2 minutes of response/processing time. Don’t referesh the page or restart the whole process,response does come back, have faith :-)

    – During payment, I had to create an online account for my Axis bank debit card, but the whole process was very smooth.I was not even required to go to axis bank website to do this. It was continous process, irctc to axis and back to irctc.(always had good experience with Axis).

    Good Luck for your booking and if you come across something new do drop feedback here so it can be helpful to others.

    (Sorry for the long comment, I think this deserves a seprate blog post :-)

  30. Sajid Farhan


    Please comment on topic not on religion. We are belong to a country not to a state. Be a good Muslim and love all humanity if you don’t love or speak again any religion you are not a Muslim or human. Be Indian be united. Maz-hab nahi sikhata apas mein ber rakhna…. I am a Muslim and proud to be Indian.

    Sorry if I hurt any one .

    Zazak Allah kher.

  31. Vishal


    I like the way mustafa wrote .. hee hee .. sahi bajai hai bhai tune …

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