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“Want to create stunning photo collages? There is an app for that”. Yeah really. Photovisi is an online web app which creates beautiful photo collages online. You don’t need to download any software to do that. You can upload pictures from your computer or Flickr. Best part of this app compared to other available online collage makers is – User Control. User can select from the wide range of photo collage templates. Add photos to the selected template. You can easily drag, resize, rotate, crop and delete before saving. Ones the desired effect is achieved click “Save” and the collage is ready to download. Collages made by Photovisi doesn’t contain any watermark on them.


Photovisi Feature List:

- Best online photo collage maker till date.
– It’s Free!!
– No need to download any software
– Excellent user control on editing collage
– No watermarks
– Variety of templates available
– Options to crop, delete or rotate images.
– Save to computer or send to friend via email

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  1. SAAD


    The best for best ..

  2. carmz


    hi… I do think that Photovisi have watermark on their collages.

  3. dino-dozer


    heyy,i’m making photo collages for my facebook page any website suggestion’s?
    I really need to know because I make versus of my friends against other friends soo I need to know(: Thankks.
    via email.
    Email it to me kayy thankks

  4. Shaul


    If you’re looking for a free collage without a watermark you should check out You can make a collage really fast and share on facebook.

  5. accad


    they do have watermark.. it’s 21st century and they still have water marking for online photo collage?

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  7. dee


    ok just ok

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