10 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions


Google recently released extensions support for their Chrome browser. Google chrome extensions are similar to Firefox addons. They add some specific functionality to the browser. In this article we will see the list of most popular chrome extensions. These extensions include feed readers, bookmark synchronizing, gmail and wave notifier, ad blocker, RSS subscription, Facebook and web clipper.

1. Google Mail Checker
Displays number of unread emails in the toolbar. Also plays an animation when new email received. You can click on the button to go directly to your inbox. Useful for frequent email users on chrome.


2. AdThwart
Block those annoying ads and pop-ups with this extension from AdThwart. It provides filter feature. Choose from a number of filter lists, including the continuously updated EasyList. So you can just install and forget it. AdThwart does not access your history or private data though.


3. Google Translate
Want to read web pages in foreign languages which you don’t know? This chrome extension from google translate team does same with single click of mouse. This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click. It adds a button to your chrome browser toolbar.


4. IE Tab
Annoyed by the IE only websites? Some websites do open in IE only. Chrome has answer to it – extension. This extension displays IE only websites inside chrome!! Good for developers who wants to check their websites in IE rendering engine.


5. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)
Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar. This extension displays RSS icon in the Omnibox upon successfully finding feed. Upon clicking that RSS icon, you can preview feed content and can subscribe to it. It supports 4 readers by default : Google Reader, iGoogle, Blogliness and My Yahoo.


6. Xmarks Bookmarks Sync
Backing up and synchronizing your bookmarks was never so easy. You can synchronize your bookmarks with your home network or work computers. Xmarks sync profiles give you full control over which bookmarks are synced to which computers, allowing you to keep private bookmarks at home while syncing everything else to your work computer.


7. Facebook for Google Chrome
This extension lets you see your facebook news feed and wall. It also allows you to update your status message. You can see the “F” button along with the Omnibox.


8. Google Reader Notifier (by Google)
If you use Google Reader as your preferred feed reader, this extension is very useful. It displays number of unread items in your Google Reader alongside of the Omnibox with small RSS icon. You can either see preview of your feeds in pop-up or can go to your google reader account.


9. Evernote Web Clipper
Seen it, liked it, clip it. No more bookmarks, tabs or open windows. Evernote web clipper extension lets you save interesting stuff you see on the web while surfing.


10. Google Wave Notifier
Similar to Google Mail Checker, it displays number of unread Google Waves. You can see unread waves directly in to the pop-up without opening Wave. Also you can access any wave from that pop-up of the extension.


Which chrome extensions you use? Let everybody know through comments.

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  1. Paul


    The best adblocker for Google Chrome is the same as we know from Firefox. Adblock Plus, the original, was now ported to Chrome: http://chrome-plugins.org/extensions/chrome-adblock-plus/

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