How To Save Mobile Contacts( Address Book ) Online?

zyb-logoHave you lost all your friends’ contact numbers, because you lost your mobile phone? You bought a new mobile and manually entering those 400 contacts from your old phone address book? Zyb is here, rocking and FREE. You can save all your mobile contacts from address book online with Zyb. Follow the steps and stop worrying.

Update : Zyb is closed now. As an alternative, you can use Mobical to backup your contacts online.

1) Sign-up with Zyb. It will ask for your model of the mobile and let me assure you, your phone model will be there. The Zyb Phone Link. Sign-up form will ask for simple information like phone-number, operator, country etc.


mobile contacts online

2) Zyb will send synchronization settings to your phone. Enter the PIN given by Zyb and save settings.


save contacts online

3) Now the settings have been saved. Go to the Synchronization option of your mobile.
Mine was in Menu -> Organizer -> Synchronization. Select Zyb option from the list and press Start to sync.


mobile phone contacts

4) The all contacts will be Synchronized with Zyb automatically. You don’t have to do anything. Just wait and watch.


cell phone contact online

Once you have synchronized all your contacts, your contacts are very much safe and secure. Now you buy new mobile because your ex-Mobile was not so cool or was stolen, just sync with Zyb and zapppp… your all contacts will be in your new Mobile. No losing of those important contacts or manually entering contacts in new mobile address book.

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