How to Read Popular Magazines Free on your Desktop

Now you can read US News, Playboy, Men’s Health, Photography, PC Magazine,
Popular Mechanics, Ellie, Car Driver without paying any subscription charges.

This is a very simple trick by which you can read all the below listed magazines
for free on your desktop.

And what is best about this is, these are the exact replicas of the original
magazine pages in High Resolution.

Steps to Read Online Magazines for Free

Step 1 : Windows Pc users download safari browser from
Mac users have Safari by default.

Step 2 : After installing Safari browser, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced and
check the option “Development menu in the menu bar”

Step 3 : In the browser menu bar select “Develop” option.
Choose “User Agent” -> “Mobile Safari 1.1.3 – iPhone”

Step 4 : Bingo…!!! You are done. Now open
in Safari browser and all the magazines are yours to read for free.
(It will ask for email… I gave it Grinning… ;) )

You have just saved more than $500. (Great… Huh!!!)


  1. Anonymous


    Fantastic trick…

  2. Anonymous


    I tried. But it shows the same cover for every month. How to get new issue every month?

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    Nice job. It’ll be useful for work.

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